We’re Here!

After the longest flight (8 hours) we have ever taken, we arrived in London at Heathrow Airport just before noon on Wednesday, October 1.  I have to admit, as we flew in and saw London from the air, picking out famous sights like the London Eye and Westminster Abbey, I found myself tearing up at the realization that we are really here, after all the years of hoping, and many months of planning.

At the airport we purchased two travel passes that cover the London Underground, busses, and other public transportation, and took the Underground to the Earl’s Court stop, just a block from our hotel, the Hotel Indigo.  Each of their rooms has a different color scheme, and I’m happy that ours is purple!

The mini-bar (with free drinks and snacks) has these very British mugs for our tea:

mug small

Other than that, I haven’t taken many pictures yet.  I’ll do better tomorrow!

We walked around the neighborhood for a while, to get a feel for what shops and restaurants are nearby, and just to stretch and get some fresh air after spending so much time on a cramped plane.  Speaking of walking around, we’re trying to figure out if there is a protocol for if you are supposed to walk on the left, since that’s how they drive here?  Anyone know?

After our walk, despite knowing that to combat jet lag you are supposed to stay awake on the day you arrive, and go to sleep at the normal time for the new timezone, we crashed and slept for a couple hours.  But we were able to wake up and go out to an Indian restaurant for a delicious dinner.

Now it’s 11:00 pm here (my computer thinks it’s still 3:00 pm) and I’m happy to say our first day in Europe has been great!


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