Museum Day

Today was mostly an indoor day, despite the beautiful weather.  I hope we don’t regret spending the time inside, if it rains in the last two days in London.

First up was the Victoria and Albert Museum, where we took a guided tour of highlights from a very knowledgeable guy who was wonderfully witty and dry.  Then we wandered around on our own.  We were interested in different areas, so we went our own ways then met up each hour.  The exhibits I chose were Ceramics (china from Britain, Europe, and other continents), jewelry (or jewellery, as they spell it here), and Fashion (including an exhibit of wedding gowns).  Dave chose Disobedient Objects (an exhibit on civil disobedience), Medieval something, and, well I don’t know, because I was in the other exhibits.  The V & A is massive!  For instance, the Ceramics exhibit is spread over ten rooms, some with floor-to-ceiling display cases like this one:

china small

Here are a couple of Dave’s pictures:

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The British Museum was next, another massive place where you could spend several full days and not see everything.  Room after room and floor after floor of OLD stuff.  We had less energy when we arrived there, since we had spent over four hours at the V & A, so we just hit some highlights here.  The main thing was the Rosetta Stone.  An impressive display, probably not done any justice by our photo here, was part of the Parthenon:

parthenon small

Last sight for the day was Selfridge’s department store on Oxford Street.  I’m a big fan of the PBS show, “Mr. Selfridge” so it was fun to see it in person.  I’m beginning to think the British don’t do anything small – Selfridge’s was huge and they seem to sell everything.  Need a neon sign?  They’ve got them!  Cartier jewels?  Check!  Selfridge’s puts Fred Meyer’s “one stop shopping” to shame.

We were tuckered out after all that, so we took the bus back to “our” neighborhood and got some food at the little M & S Simple Food market, and ate it in our room for dinner.  The M & S brand is part of the famous Marks & Spencer chain, and it made an inexpensive and delicious dinner.

I’m still getting the hang of doing these blog posts.  I think I’ve mastered compressing pictures so they don’t take so long to load, or not show up at all because they were too huge.  It’s taking me about an hour each time to put the words and photos together, so I hope someone is reading.  Well, even if they’re not, we are having lots of fun and burning lots of calories in the process!


6 thoughts on “Museum Day

  1. Sounds like you are having a great time and making the most of your time. Selfridge’s sounds fabulous, love the show on PBS too. I would have gone with you at the V and A museum to see the china display, looks lovely. Saundra and I are reading your blog daily, so please don’t stop.


  2. Hi, Meg – I am definitely reading your blogs and I am very interested – the V&A is near to where my cousin lives in Kensington. You are right, the British Museum is huge. I did not go see it the last time as I was with two young children. I, too, remember getting food at M&S. It is a pity they no longer have the department stores. I missed that on the last visit. Keep up the blogs. It sounds like you are having a fabulous time. ☺
    All is well here, but not nearly as exciting!! Best, Saundra


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