London looked a lot like Oregon today

My suspicion from yesterday that we might regret “wasting” a day of nice weather inside seeing museums came true today.  We started to head out the door from our hotel this morning in light-weight shirts, and found it was starting to sprinkle, and the doorman said “Rain today!”  So, back to our room to get our jackets, causing only a short delay.  We definitely needed them!

We once again got lots of use out of our public transportation passes, taking busses all over town.  We went to the Museum of London, where the most interesting thing (to me, anyway) was that it’s built on the site of part of the ancient Roman Wall, seen here:

wall small

The rest of my photos from there turned out very dark; I guess I didn’t have flash on, and it was rather dimly lit inside.  With the rainy day, I didn’t take many pictures outside, either.

After the first museum, we walked ALL over the area around there trying to find a small museum I had read about, chronicling the history of the Knights Templar.  It was very frustrating that there was no signage, no one knew where it was, and we were wet and tired of walking.  We never did find it.

Took more buses, walked around more, crossed and re-crossed the Thames, and finally had a very late lunch (we were starving by then) at an Irish Pub.  We were the only ones eating, and the friendly server/bartender was from Ireland and we enjoyed talking with him.  We told him where we had been, and he said we had probably seen more of London than he has!

From there we walked about a half mile, got on a bus going the wrong way (it’s confusing because of the whole driving-on-the-right thing!) and ended up back in front of the restaurant we had left about 30 minutes earlier.  Oh well, we’ll figure it out right about the time we go to France and the drivers and buses will be on the “correct” side again.

Last sight of the day was Kensington Garden and Palace.  Not much time to spend there, but it was fun for me to see where William and Kate and baby George live.  They weren’t out and about – at least, we didn’t see them.  Too wet, I guess!

kensington small


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