Train trip and the Royal Yacht

We loved the train trip from London to Edinburgh.  It took 4.5 hours, but there was so much to see.  We followed along the North Sea for a while (it looks just like the ocean in Oregon, maybe with smaller waves), and went through many small villages and a few larger cities.  Saw tons of sheep, some cows and Shetland ponies, as well as farms, nuclear power plants, canals and so much more.  Northern England and Scotland seem even greener than Oregon, if that’s possible.

country turn
English countryside homes, from the train

After arriving in Edinburgh, where the train station is right in the middle of town, we walked a few blocks to our hotel, checked in, then caught a bus out to the harbor where the Royal Yacht Britannia is moored.  We took the excellent audio tour, and I especially loved exploring the ship on which Prince Charles and Diana honeymooned.

bar turn
Captain Dave aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, enjoying a beer at the crew’s bar
bell turn
Ship’s bell and insignia on the Royal Yacht Britannia, which has been decommissioned and is moored permanently in Edinburgh
dining small
Formal dining rooms on the yacht, where many famous people have dined with the Queen

After the yacht we shopped in the area, and talked for a long time with a very knowledgeable guy in a whiskey shop.  Everyone here is so friendly.  We got a little lost finding our hotel, and an older man walked with us for a couple blocks to help us find our way.  We are staying at another Hotel Indigo (like the one in London) and there are free snacks in the mini-bar.  These seemed very appropriate to Scotland:

snacks small
Snacks from the hotel mini-bar: Haggis crisps (what we would call chips), shortbread, oatcakes (cookies). They were all delicious! Of course, we had to eat them so they will give us more tomorrow.

Posting this just after breakfast on Tuesday morning, and before we head out to see more of Edinburgh on our only full day here.  We had the “Full Scottish Breakfast” this morning, and I chose vegetarian haggis, which was surprisingly good!


One thought on “Train trip and the Royal Yacht

  1. The English countryside is so very beautiful. I also loved the beautiful lochs. The Lake District is another beautiful part of England. Captain Dave looks right at home!! Best, Saundra


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