Paris, Day One

Our first full day in Paris, time to get acquainted with our surroundings.  We walked from the apartment to the Eifel Tower, about a 20-minute walk, taking a scenic route.  The streets were surprisingly quiet of traffic, and not even crowded with people.  However, different story when we got to the area around the tower.  But, that’s to be expected, and it was a really beautiful day, in contrast to the pouring rain when we arrived last night, so this was a very pleasant surprise!

Look!  No coat!


The lines to ride to the top of the tower were long, and the sign said the top was closed anyway, so we decided instead to take a boat ride on the Seine.





We leisurely strolled back towards the apartment, stopping at a café for lunch, and buying salami at a charcuterie, a couple pastries at a patisserie, and some groceries at a smallish supermarket.

I’ve had one encounter with someone who was kind of rude.  We stopped at a Paris Information office, clearly identified as a center for information.  I waited my turn then went up to the counter to ask a question, opening with bonjour, then asking my question in a clear, slow voice.  The woman responded with “How do you know I speak English?”  I was flustered and responded with something about it being an information office, and she came back with “So you assume I speak English?”  I guess my lesson learned is, next time begin with “Bonjour, parlais vous Anglais?”  However at most other places, like the café and charcuterie and patisserie, there has been someone who spoke enough English for us to be able to do business there.

Tomorrow, Versailles!


One thought on “Paris, Day One

  1. Oh my… ok.. I hear about these “rude” stories all the time. I’m guessing this would NEVER happen outside of something touristy. But given that she works in an INFO booth, I am surprised at HER rudeness.
    I would have just said Vous êtes une pomme de terre avec le visage d’un cochon d’inde – You are a potato with a face of a guinea pig. It’s a French insult. But perhaps it’s because I am comfortable there now. Hopefully no more rude French!


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