Around Paris – Saturday

In the morning I walked around by myself (Dave hung out in the apartment) to shops around the neighborhood in which we are staying.  Didn’t buy much except some groceries, but it was fun to look.  Lots of people were out and about – families, older, younger – it seemed everyone was out doing their shopping.

In the afternoon we went over to Notre Dame, where the square in front was jam-packed, and the line to get into the cathedral snaked for what was probably the equivalent of a couple blocks.  We decided not to wait in line, and walked a few blocks to what I really wanted to see, Sainte Chapelle.  It dates from about 1240, and is famous for stained glass windows.  The sun was shining, so it showed off the windows to full advantage, although unfortunately they are restoring part of the windows so they were covered up, including the beautiful “rose window.”


Gargoyles on top of Sainte Chappelle

We strolled some more, and went back to an old church where we had seen a flyer about a concert that evening.  The church claims to be the oldest in Paris, called St. Julien.  The concert was wonderful – a very talented pianist named Miho Nitta performed pieces by Chopin and Gershwin.  I loved it!  I think it’s my favorite experience of the trip so far.  Sitting in the beautiful, old church (we had great seats in the second row, and I was on the end so I could see her fingers fly over the keyboard of the Steinway grand), hearing the soaring music, and to top it off, smelling the fragrant huge arrangements of lilies and roses – it was truly a feast for the senses!

We had a late dinner after the concert, and took the Metro back to the apartment, ending another great day in Paris.


2 thoughts on “Around Paris – Saturday

  1. I’ll bet we went back to Notre Dame 3 or 4 times because we wanted to climb to the top but the line was always around the corner.



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