More Paris – Sunday

There was a street market this morning (Sunday, October 12) a few blocks from the apartment, so we spent over an hour there.  It was like Portland’s Saturday Market with a French flair.  Lots of produce and foods (like olives, meat, fish, octopus, escargot, mushrooms, cheese, and some unidentifiable things), clothes (hats, wallets, socks, underwear, coats, and more), books, DVDs, jewelry…  It was crowded, but not so much that it was un-navigable.  We had fun looking at everything and making some purchases.

We took everything back to the apartment (up the five flights) and then headed out to explore Paris some more.  The weather was cloudy and we thought very comfortable, so we didn’t take coats.  We found a restaurant (many were closed because it’s Sunday) and I commented to Dave that everyone else seemed to come in bundled in coats and hats, or those already seated had coats on their chairs.  While we were there it started to rain, but after lunch we just walked around in the rain, while everyone else had umbrellas up.  We are die-hard Oregonians for sure.  Other than being wet, it was quite comfortable.

We took a bus, just to see where we would end up, and got off in the Montmartre area.  We walked a few blocks, and found we were in front of the famous Moulin Rouge.


While in Montmartre it started to rain hard, so after we looked around we got on the Metro to head back toward “home.”  Most of the Metro is underground, so it’s not very interesting, but heading back to the main part of Paris, the train we were on came up to above street level, the light broke through, the Eifel Tower appeared, we crossed the Seine, and a guy on the Metro began playing an accordion.  It was a very French moment!

As I mentioned earlier, the apartment we are staying in is on the fifth floor of the building.  Can you spot me peeking out of the window, waving at Dave on the street?


Here is a shot looking down the stairs


Finally, here’s just a picture I thought was amusing.  Even the dogs are well-dressed in Paris:



2 thoughts on “More Paris – Sunday

  1. It was fun to hear about your street market adventures! I have in my garage a mirror that we had in Paris, and it was purchased from the Marche’ aux Puces de St.Ouen. I don’t have the heart to toss it.
    It is really old. I so enjoy your adventures. Saundra


  2. Oooo… Love the dog!!!! Great pic of the stairs! Can you imagine two dudes carrying an American sized couch only to have it rip when pushed through the tiny door?!?!?! What a day that was! Glad you got to the market too! Sounds like you really got a feel for Paris. Looking forward to the rest of your postings.


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