Versailles – Friday

I’m three days behind in posting, and my excuses are 1) Versailles exhausted us, and 2) we are having too much fun!

Thursday evening we decided that Friday would be our day to do Versailles, so I went online and booked admission tickets and a 1.5-hour tour in English.  Since we didn’t have access to a printer, I saved the confirmations to my iPad and “snapped” a photo of the tickets.  I was a little worried that we would travel all the way to Versailles, not to mention charging the amount on my credit card, only to find out that they wouldn’t accept the electronic images, but it worked, thankfully!

The tour was a good way to start, and we saw some parts of the main palace that were not accessible except with a tour.  Here are a few pictures from the tour portion:

Our tour guide at Versailles
dining versailles
Dining room at Versailles. The pages who attended to the royal diners wore blue velvet suits to match the chairs and drapes
The tour ended in the Royal Opera House. This is looking up at the box seats

After the tour the main palace was getting very crowded, so we went outside and walked through the massive grounds and gardens, maybe one or two miles (?) out to the Grand Trianon and Petite Trianon palaces.  We stopped halfway for lunch at La Flotilla, where we sat outdoors and enjoyed crepes.  I had an ordinary ham and cheese crepe, and Dave had the same but with a fried egg on it.  The yoke was bright orange!


After the two Trianon palaces, we walked over to Marie Antoinette’s “hamlet,” a recreated farm village, complete with some wildlife.  Maybe I have humble taste, but this was my favorite area of Versailles.

??????????????????????????????? hamlet pumpkin


A goose tries to snack on Dave’s shoe

Then we walked ALL THE WAY back to the main palace.  That’s what really did us in, but we had paid for the full ticket to see all the areas, and I still wanted to see the most famous part, the Hall of Mirrors.



We finished up at Versailles after 5:00 pm (having arrived at about 9:15 am).  It’s a 10-minute walk to the train station, and we were very glad to get to sit down for the 25-minute ride back to Paris.  We took the Metro to our stop, which fortunately is only steps from the entrance to the apartment building, climbed the five flights, and collapsed for the evening.


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