More of Salzburg

Wednesday the weather changed and we woke up to rain mixed with snow.  Despite the cold, we had places to go and things to see, so we boarded the train to Salzburg, a one hour ride.  Our first sight was the Hohensalzburg Fortress, a castle that overlooks the city.  We took the funicular (like a cable car) up to the castle:

Riding the funicular up to Hohensalzburg Fortress on a windy, cold, rainy day

It was even colder up at the castle, and the wind whipped around.  The photos aren’t so good, because of the clouds reducing visibility, but it was an interesting place to explore.

View of Salzburg from the Fortress
Back view of the Fortress
Some antique beer steins on display at the Fortress. Too expensive for Dave to buy for his collection!
A “knight” goring Dave through the ear with his sword. Ouch!!
No idea what this was!

After “lunch” (see picture) to re-energize and warm up, we visited the Residenz Palace (residence of Salzburg archbishops):

Austrian cakes for lunch
Ceiling painting at Archbishops’ Residenz
The Residenz was filled with gorgeous chandeliers. Those archbishops lived well!

We wandered around the old-town (Allstadt) area of Salzburg, browsing in some shops…

Shops lining the pedestrian alley of old-town, leading to an old church

… and made our way over the river to the Mozarteum (museum in a house where Mozart and his family lived), where no pictures were allowed.

We had dinner in a warm, cozy restaurant, where we seemed to be the only non-locals, then walked back to the station to take the train back to St. Johann.

The past two days (Thursday and Friday) have been “vacation days” where we just stayed here in the small town, wandering around and exploring shops and eating good food!  There is still a dusting of snow in the mountains surrounding us.  Tomorrow we leave this quiet village (which we loved) and proceed to our sixth country, Germany!

Snow in the mountains near us, view from our room. We’ve been watching the progress of construction below the crane all week. They work in sunshine, rain, and snow.

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